Our Staff

Our staff have been trained by a professional photographer to shoot portraits in a controlled studio environment (Much like the photographers you find in department stores and malls) our staff however have been trained to shoot "Exotic" portraits for a more "Sexy" photo. (They don't usually shoot those in malls and department stores)

Professional Photographers
A seasoned professional photographer adds a certain artistic quality and style to the work that a trained photographer often lacks. We encourage you to use our studio with a professional photographer. We recommend some on this site and we screen all the photographers that we recommend. We also take the time to examine the photographers working profiles so you can expect a quality shoot from the photographer we recommend.You are more then welcome to bring your own trusted photographer to our studio however a security deposit may be required as we do use professional gear that can easily be broken or damaged by improper use by a non-professional photographer. If no lighting is required the security deposit is waived. All photographers will require a camera as our in-house camera's are not available for use by anyone other then our staff.

Makeup Artists

We also have 2 professional make-up artists available who have years of experience with everything from movies, magazines and runway model makeup.

All photo shoots done at our studio will allow us to place a VERIFIED PHOTO icon on your ad with Escorts-Canada.com this tells visitors to the site that we have personally verified your photos to be authentic.

In-House Packages

Staff Photography
Quick Photo Shoot for Verified Photo Ad*
Free with paid 3 months paid ad on Escorts-Canada.com or One month VIP ad on Escorts-Canada.com 
Professional Photographer Rates
Contact photographer directly for quote if no prices are listed on the BIO page for that photographer.
Make-up Artist
1 Application (Good for up to 3 or 4 hours)
$ 75.00
2 Applications
$ 125.00
Group Rates
$ Call

*The quick photo shoot does not include a professional photographer or a makeup artist. This is done by our trained staff and is done in a controlled studio so the photos are very good quality. The quality of the images will still be above average when compared to the many of the other advertisers photos.